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Welcome to Creative Wildlife Photography

Creative Wildlife Photography showcases the wildlife, environmental and landscape images of Ian Hay. Most of the wildlife images are taken in Eastern Scotland although I have also spent time photographing the wildlife of South Africa and Japan.

Whilst I have taken a wide range of species, my images of Red Necked Phalarope Black Grouse Capercaillie and Sanderling are amongst my favourites. My Environmental images focus on coastal issues such as fishing and litter as well as people enjoying the outdoors.

I always aim to send my photos to work. Part of my interest in photography came from the need for great story telling images in my other job. I always need images for guides, presentations, leaflets and cover shots. This has resulted in me always taking extra images with a bit more space for adding text. This is why I have added a specific Designer Image section for photos that are well suited for Graphic Designers. These images have minimum cropping so you can take creative control.

News - 28/05/15 I have taken stock of 1000 new Scottish Nature Greetings Cards including new Highland Cow, Woodpecker, Otter, Mandarin Duck, Bluebell and Waxwing designs, please have a look.

News - 12/4/15 Nice to see my article on Capercaillies in BirdWatching Magazine.

News - 09/01/15 Happy New Year. I have now sold out of the following Greetings cards Winter Red Squirrel, Hedgehog, Robin and Bear. In addition I only have very few Capercaillie and Roe Deer cards left.

News - 08/12/14 I will be giving a talk entitled 'From Caring for the Coast to Capercaillie Capers' to the Bon Accord Camera Club on the 1st of October. If you are interested in booking me for a talk please get get in touch.

News - 24/11/14 Less than a week ago I took delivery of my new Scottish Nature Greetings Cards and they are selling fast with one design already Sold Out (Bears are popular!) If you are interested in stocking these cards or simply buying one for a friend or family please get in touch.

I hope you enjoy my website and always welcome constructive feedback. You could also follow me on Twitter on @IanHayWildlife.

Ian Hay

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